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Who We Are

CODAI Consults is a Technology Management, Business Management and Hospitality solutions company. We believe in making that impact that matters while earning the trust and confidence of our business partners and society at large.
We collaborate closely with clients to ensure that we understand their specific business needs to best serve them. We deliver value in the Energy, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Power, Minning, Oil and Gas, Construction, and Hospitality sectors. We also offer services to international clients. 

CODAI Consults offers project management focused services through providing professional talents in: 

1. Engineering & Information Technology Solutions
2. Consultancy & Local Content Advisory Services
3. Training and Human Capital Development Initiatives &
4. Our unique Hospitality offerings.

We look forward to developing a mutually rewarding business relationship with you to improve efficiency, productivity, and performance in your organization.

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Company Background

CODAI Consults started from a vision of professionals who sought to offer excellent customer experience, a more personalized approach to clients’ needs, solving business problems and making a remarkable impact that matters.
The reputation of our leaders attracted top performing recommendations from organizations who sought to make a positive impact in their businesses. CODAI Consults maintains strong, long-term relationships with satisfied clients.
We look forward to developing a mutually rewarding business relationship with you to improve efficiency, productivity, performance, and satisfaction in your organization.


At CODAI Consults, we strive to seamlessly connect top-tier IT talent with visionary companies, while also curating unforgettable customer experiences that leave a lasting impression.

Through innovation, collaboration, and a dedication to excellence, we are dedicated to transforming industries and exceeding expectations.


Empowering Businesses with exceptional IT staffing solutions and elevating guest experiences through unparalleled hospitality services, CODAI Consults is committed to becoming a trusted partner in talent acquisition and service excellence.

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Meet Our Leaders

At CODAI Consults, we believe pioneers and innovators are at home in the unknown
We make a difference beyond our own business and those of our clients and partners, ensuring our actions, empower people and communities to achieve more and impacting business.

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